Sunday, June 05, 2016

Great physical Therapy

I just completed a series of Physical Therapy sessions at Activcore in Princeton, NJ. I brought a knee problem to my therapist, Jason Goncalves. He did a thorough initial evaluation, determining that by favoring the knee for two months, I had weakened many muscles on my left side. He treated my whole body and improved my knee, some recent back problems, and even a problem with cramps in my neck that turned out to be related.
Activcore uses a system called "Redcord" in which your body is lifted and supported in a variety of ways to enable exercises to focus on specific muscles, without triggering reactions caused by one's weak spots. In the hands of a competent therapist like Jason, Redcord produces rapid results.

I'm doing much better now,  and hope to preserve my gains with regular exercises at home. But I will miss all the support that Redcord gave me, to enable me to focus on my worst muscle groups.