Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Um, about that ten day-old meatloaf...

The fine columnist John Dvorak has been complaining in PC magazine about vendors' silly attempts to build computers into large household applicances. I agree with him for now, but in the long run, say, ten to fifteen years, I think you'll love your smart fridge ("SF").
The key to the SF is speech recognition, good odor, visual, x-ray and spectroscopic analysis, plus a robotic ability to move things around. The SF will observe your habits such that when you open it, the foods you're likely to want will be in front. If not, no need to get down on your knees and peer; just say what you want, and the the SF will hand it to you. The SF will advise you of each item's ETTD (Estimated Time to Disgusting), advise you how to improve your food-wrapping skills, and clean up those inevitable leaks and spills all by itself, I want it now!

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