Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I may have attacked the Pill Pack problem!

We hate it - or at least, I hate it - when vitamins and pills are packaged in blister packs with thick paper backing. We’re expected to pull the itsy bit of paper loose somehow, then tear it off, then finally we can puncture the aluminum foil and get ONE pill out.

Allow me to report an EXCITING discovery!

With care, you can pull an entire sheet of paper backing off of thirty or so pills ALL IN ONE PIECE! This hardly takes longer than freeing two pills, and it’s kind of fun to do. Don’t let those “per pill” perforations limit you, think big! Then you’ll have a sheet of many pills, in their neat rectangular rows, easily accessible beneath the thin foil when you need them.

(If you need your pills to be safe from kids, don't try this until they grow up.)

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