Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Color-Coded Cows:

At the moment I'm working in a pastoral part of Virginia. There are remarkably few trees but lots of pasture. I complained about the lack of trees - the few surviving specimens tend to be rather majestic - and my host remarked, "Got to make room for the cows!"
As we drove past a bunch of quiet cows, I asked my host whether they were grown for milk, or to be eaten.
"Both," he said.
"Ahh," I responded, a bit disappointed at this equivocation.
"The black and white ones are for dairy," he volunteered, "and ..."
"Don't tell me they're color-coded!" I exclaimed.
"The black ones," he continued, "Are Angus; they make good steaks."

So: color-coded cows. Why not?

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