Friday, May 04, 2007

Full Motion Video:

I'm a great fan of this podcast: The Daily Giz Wiz. Dick DeBartolo and Leo LaPorte schmooze and are often hilarious. (They once deadpanned a long, improvised conversation about how the show is entirely scripted in advance.) I do not expect to buy most of the gadgets they describe, but this one is special for me: the Roadmaster Rear Deck Scrolling Digital Message System (Giz Wiz Show 271). This gadget enables you to post messages on your car's rear window for the driver behind you to read. I've long wanted a device like this, at least so I could post "Don't Tailgate," or "Gee, I'm Sorry!" Best of all, I imagined the first joke that's specific to this new medium. I expected Dick to read my joke on a podcast, but -- so far -- no luck. Here's my joke message:

My Other Car Has Full Motion Video.

Update: Dick DeBartolo read my letter on episode 305 of the Daily Giz Wiz. And it sounds like Leo Laporte didn't get the joke.)

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