Sunday, July 12, 2009

... and a Bowling Ball:

Keith Malley, of the Keith and the Girl podcast (#998), recently stated that it's always better to have a bowling ball with you. (For those of you who know nothing about bowling balls, picture 16 pounds of heavy solid plastic, about 8.5” in diameter, that you can cradle in your arms, or try to hold by hooking thumb and fingers into its close-set holes.) Keith gave a few excellent examples: wouldn't you like to be able to throw a bowling ball down the aisle of a bus? Wouldn't you like to take a bowling ball with you when you go camping in the woods?

Now it seems to me that there are a few rare moments in life when I would rather not have a bowling ball. And I'm not thinking about that moment when I got married. I'd rather not have a bowling ball:
  • on a unicycle
  • in a plane toilet
  • in a steam room
  • while rock climbing
  • near the top of Mount Everest
  • on a seesaw.

Have I left anything out? Anything at all?

1 comment:

jgfellow said...

* during a car accident
* while running a marathon
* trying to catch a bus

Actually, if you could manage the bowling ball while on a unicycle, you'd really have something.