Friday, January 01, 2010

Night at the M'seum:

"Free" televsion is biting the dust. When there were less than a hundred channels, no iPhone and no WoW, people tuned to some ordinary channel and watched and bought the sponsor's products. The audence for these ads is shrinking fast. Perhaps that's why there are so many ads now.

We watched Ben Stiller's Night at the Museum on TV. (No nasty comments please; we're not fans of Ben Stiller.) The movie filled a two hour and thirty minute time slot. Wow, I thought, that's a long movie. So I looked it up: the movie is 108 minutes long. And it's PG, which means the whole thing can be shown on family TV without upsetting the FCC. The movie's length leaves time for 42 minutes of ads. So the movie occupies 72% of the time slot, right? (42 minutes of 30-second ads would be 84 F-ing ads.)

Actually, it's worse than that. At the beginning, you can see a text screen advising us that the movie has been edited to fit the time slot. I think the message should have said this: The movie has been edited to fit what's left of the time slot.


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