Friday, April 15, 2011

Searching is not Problem-Solving:
Jakob Neilsen is a deep researcher into Web Useability issues (and other user interface issues as well). His April essay, Incompetent Research Skills Curb Users' Problem Solving, is a wakeup call about how mindlessly we use search engines when we need to discover something. I can see myself in some of the inefficient search patterns he describes, and he gives me excellent suggestions about how to improve.

I learned a new Acronym from this article: SERP (the first search engine results page). Neilsen explains, indirectly, why 'SERP' deserves to be an an acronym: It's much more important than it ought to be.

Recognizing that most people will not use Search engines better, Neilsen even has recommendations for making websites more attuned to normal search behaviors. I think his thoughtful article can make us better Googlers. Give it a try.

Happy Birthday, Samantha!

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