Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Coffee and Chinese Five-Spice Powder:

Occasionally I post a food tip here, and my closing remark is:


But I am not sure about this one. I tried it this morning, and I don't know if I like it, like it a lot, or think that it is "meh".

The only coffee flavorings I like have deep pedigrees: Cardamom (near east Asia and Greece, etc.) and anise seed (Sicily). Somewhere on the web I saw a recipe that married Chinese Five-Spice Powder with coffee. Try adding about 1/4 tsp to a six ounce cup. The subtle flavor of licorice is welcome, but it is more different from anise seed than you might expect.

Bear in mind that many compoundings can be called five-spice powder, and perhaps there exists a special one that, for coffee, is just right.

This morning I weighed 218.6, a great step in the right direction. In my case, controlling calories is THE way to lose weight, but staying quite active all day, burning many more calories, really helps.

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