Monday, July 29, 2013

Zynga's audio advts crash me every time! Bad, bad idea...

Zynga thought of a new way to bug me with ads while I play "Words with Friends". Every few minutes, they interrupt my concentration by playing an audio ad in the background.

Perhaps you think I should turn the sound off?

If I did, I might not know that every single time they finish playing an ad on my iPad2, their app crashes. That means I have to reload the app every few minutes. Until I decide to delete their game.

But it gets worse: I paid $15 for their No-advts-plus-extra features deluxe version of Words with Friends. I SHOULD NOT GET ANY ADS, PERIOD!!!!

For starters, I am carefully noting the companies that advertise in these boringly repetitive WwF ads. I might never buy from any of those companies again. I certainly am unlikely to try out another Zynga game. And I might give up on WwF, although it is my favorite iPad game.

Come on, Zynga! Test properly, and fix!

EDITED TO ADD: I tried to report this bug to Zynga. I could not find a Zynga forum specifically for words with friends. I did find another person complaining, in Zynga's support pages, about the new audio ads. In order to add my comment, I would be forced to log in via Facebook. Zynga allows a private log in for their forums, but not for adding comments to their support issues. Come on, Zynga! I'm pretty disgusted.

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