Tuesday, August 13, 2013

re: Talisman Prologue HD: I hated trying to register for the forums.

I have been enjoying Talisman Prologue on my iPod 5.  I had one or two suggestions for the developer, so I tried to register at the Talisman forums. I couldn't! One of their tests, to make sure I am not a computer, is to ask me for the name of the Talisman software developer.  It's not clear whether they want the name of a person, or the name of one of several companies associated with the game. I did not know the developer's name, but I did consult several computers (that is, websites) to find out. These seemed not to know, either.

I wasted MUCH TOO MUCH time trying to answer this question. Each time I failed, I had to type in my (long) password twice, again and again, because the registration form erased those fields. I wonder how many people have been able to register at all.

So I give up. I will never register there, I guess. Talisman people, can you hear me? Make the registration process a little bit easier. And here is my primary suggestion, which would improve even the prologue game:

Implement the SAVE function. Talisman is a long, leisurely game. It is a lot of fun, but NOT when I have to start over every time I stop to check out my email, or to check out anything else, in fact.

I know that the full game will have a save function when it is ready for the iPad. Please add the save function to the Prologue version, NOW.

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