Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Katrina Detainees?

A lot of assertions – all in need of careful evaluation – suggest that many of Katrina’s victims are being treated more like detainees than victims in need of aid. I hope they are in the minority. Here are a few miserable links (all from BoingBoing). I hope these reports are all, somehow, wrong:

  • Volunteers have created an emergency radio station to broadcast useful info to the people in the Astrodome. The FCC (which has the only legal jurisdiction) has approved it, but relief officials have blocked it nonetheless.
  • Are there "Rape, murder, and beatings" in the Astrodome?
    (There’s also a lockdown at the Astrodome, hardly anyone in or out.)
  • In Falls Creek, Oklahoma, a hurricane shelter is being operated (by FEMA, I think) more like a prison. People are not being allowed out to go to church, and people are not allowed to bring extra food to the victims, who are being given two meals a day.
  • A BoingBoing reader comments that the victims are going to need a lot of psychiatric help, but of course psychiatrists are not being asked to join the recovery effort, only the other sorts of doctors.

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