Friday, November 18, 2005

Life in a Cervical Collar:

A "Cervical Collar" is worn around the neck. It limits head movement somewhat, and tends to make me feel like there's one more garment I really ought to take off, each time I remove my coat. I'm living with a pinched nerve, as it happens. I was suffering alone, getting through my usual work and responsibilities despite some remarkable shoulder pains, when I happened to remark to my wife that I was really okay as long as I remembered not to move my head in certain ways. "Then why don't you wear a collar?" she asked.

Now the collar has two benefits:
  1. It prevents me from getting into some pain.
  2. Better yet, the collar brings me loads of sympathy.
No one knew I was suffering! Since putting on the collar I've been offered much kindness and useful advice.

The next time I have an ingrown toenail, I plan to wear the cervical collar again. (Around my neck.)
"Were you in an accident?" people will ask.
"No," but I hope to feel better soon."
"Well good luck then, I hope you feel better."
And of course I will.

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