Friday, April 28, 2006

An interesting writer on the web: Alicia Anne Rhiannon Coppin.

While wandering about the Internet, I discovered a news writer (and engineer) I might never have heard of, named Alicia Anne Rhiannon Coppin. I was searching for instances of a misued phrase, "say la vie", which I had decided not to write about. Coppin was writing about it, here. And here are a few more of her articles: Bicycle Polo, free for all public biffies, Sleep Paralysis, Ambient HD video displays. And then there's her crazy collection of quotes, full of surprises for you if you've already read many pages of quotations.
(Kotorynski's Paradox:"You cannnot prove anything by example. You cannot prove anything by example. Let me repeat myself a third time: nothing can be proven by example. Let me give you an example..."
And here's another one: Mantis H.M. Cheng explains why he wants work done in pairs: "Some of you have asked me, 'Why do I need a partner? I'm so smart.' The reason is, your partner is an idiot!")

UPDATE: Rhiannon points out that the quotes page she links to belongs to: Alex MacGillivray (spelling approximate).
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