Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Teenage Rock Hound:

In my youth – even before I was a teenager – I got very interested in collecting rocks. There are extremely different kinds of rock collectors, so let me clarify that my goal was to identify kinds of rocks and collect contrasting samples. I had a collection that I enjoyed, including some stones with naturally inlaid garnets, and an incredibly light piece of crumbly pumice.

Most of my rocks came from Long Island in the 1950’s. There wasn’t an enormous variety there, I believe. I was thinking about this today as I walked past a property landscaped in rocks. Thousands of rocks made a two-foot swath next to a long sidewalk, in all colors, shapes, and states of weathering. How I would have loved to pore over this ‘scape when I was a rock hound!

Which brings me to today’s point. Landscaping with rocks is, I think, a lot more common, and acceptable, than it used to be.
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