Saturday, March 14, 2009

Electricity works in mysterious ways:

We have four cordless phones that communicate with a “base” connected to our landline. Each phone can sit in a cradle to recharge. One of the four phones was not recharging. I suspected the battery, but before ordering four more batts (they are likely to all fail at about the same time), I had to troubleshoot the problem.

I moved the bad phone to a different cradle. It did not recharge. I took out the battery for a day and let the phone completely discharge. Then I put the battery back in and tried to recharge the phone. No luck. As a final step, I took the battery out of this phone and another one. I swapped batteries between the two phones and tried to recharge them both.

The phones both recharged and are working fine now. What's the first baseman's name?

(Seriously, except for that joke at the end, I'm not making this up.)
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