Monday, March 07, 2011

I should have posted a "HOLD BUTTON" sign:

We returned home from a lovely three-day trip to elsewhere. It was about seven pm when I brought our stuff in and started to unpack. It was a lovely evening, except that: our house was COLD. And it seemed to get colder and colder. At eleven pm, while dressing for bed, I remembered lowering the thermostat before we left on our trip.

We have a mildly programmable thermostat. The easy way to save fuel is to pick some number, say, 62 degrees, and click the HOLD button. You click HOLD again to return to your normal program.
I rushed downstairs, clicked HOLD, and went to bed. Next time we go away on a trip, I will leave a sign in the kitchen that says: PRESS THE HOLD BUTTON!
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