Friday, May 17, 2013

When "One thing at a time" does not apply:

The New York Times published a short piece in the Science Times of April 16. Titled “Flights may get rougher as CO2 builds up,” the text worried that forty years from now, air will be more turbulent, making our flights through the sky rougher. I thought the writer had shown a remarkable lack of imagination. I wrote to the Times and, silly me, I thought they would publish my observation:

When analyzing the future, it is a great mistake to assume that only one thing will change. Forty years from now, if our commercial planes bear any resemblance to the jets of today, they will likely be equipped with sophisticated air turbulence sensors and computer-driven engines that can make micro-adjustments to air pressure shifts. Thus our future flights are likely to be less turbulent, regardless of changes to the atmosphere.

After two days of banqueting, my weight rose to 219.0. I expect to lose one pound quickly, and thus I will hold the seven pounds I have lost since last November. But gosh, I want to lose some more weight, soon.
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