Sunday, August 07, 2005

Newbies burning calories from exercise:

Suppose you've just taken up a new form of moderate exercise, and you're dismayed at how few calories your exercise seems to burn. Perhaps you looked up the calorie count on the internet, or perhaps your exercycle or treadmill is giving you the bad news. Well, think about this:

  1. Calculate how many calories your exercise will burn in an entire year and divide by (I think the magic number is) 3,500. That's how many extra pounds you might weigh in a year without the exercise.
  2. Common sense says that when you take up a new form of exercise, you burn more than the charts say. You're not used to it; your whole body is struggling to do the new thing; you're moving inefficiently in a hundred subtle ways. And in addition, you may be kick-starting your general metabolism to run a little faster.

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