Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Today is Blog Day (2005)!

August 31st is , and it will probably be Blog Day again for several years. Nir Ofir thought this up, but now it's a movement. Nir suggests we celebrate Blog day by pointing to five new interesting blogs. This is a great way for the bloggers of the world to heave a collective sigh of relief (thank goodness we don't have to be Original today), and share some of our favorite oddities with you. So here goes:

  1. Here's the 91-year-old blogger's Tomato Garden Journal.
  2. Buy something to hide your valuables in, in a hotel room. Doesn't quite look worksafe, but it is.
  3. "Fair Trade" coffee claims to be made in places where the coffee-bush owners and workers are paid relatively well. Learn all about it.
  4. Awesome Musical Crossovers and Comparisons by the creator of PDQ Bach, check out his radio program.
  5. The comic strip that's unique in more ways than any other (engrossing, too): It's: Sluggy Freelance, by Pete Abrams. (Use the drop-down list on that page to read it from the beginning.) And here's a cast of characters.

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