Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I want Big Brother to choose my TV Ads:

I would LIKE my TV system to figure out what shows I watch, figure out what ads might interest me, and then show me those ads. I worked for a while with a company that is implementing such a system. (People tend to worry that "Big Brother is watching You" in order to do ad matching, but the company I worked with arranged their software to keep big brother out of it.) It's a waste of my time to show me ads of interest to people who are much younger, or of a much different gender. But the mindless TV channels I watch now show me the wrong kinds of ads in the wrong kind of place.
When I watch TV, I see ads on the bottom of the screen for pay channels I have not subscribed to. I simply can't see their shows, AND I can't Tivo-skip over the ads because they occupy the bottom HALF of the screen while my TV show-of-interest proceeds. Big Brother, where are you when I need you?

Apologies for the short hiatus in blogging. I'll be back next Sunday.

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