Sunday, July 23, 2006

A moment of terror:

I experienced a moment of terror last Saturday. We had a wonderful dinner with friends Friday night. They brought over their outdoor grill and cooked many delicious meats just before the lightning came close and the rain poured. Saturday night, about 10 pm, I walked over to their house, just a few doors down, to bring them a plastic bag of cooked leftovers, and a plastic bag of uncooked meat we had not quite gotten to.
It was pitch dark, no moon. A man passed me on the sidewalk and I said hello to him. Then his rather large dog appeared out of the dark and passed me. Oh, he's walking his dog, I said to myself. And then it hit me. What's the dog going to do when it smells the meat? I prepared to feel wet teeth on either of my hands. Would it be the bag with the cooked meat, or - more likely - the raw?
But the dog was well-behaved. I realized it was not turning back, and so all was well.

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