Thursday, July 27, 2006

Snake Oil? Or more Real Oil?

It's very likely that our world has a fairly fixed amount of oil, and that we are going to use the supply up in the 21st century if we don't make major technology changes. Estimates of the amount of oil available vary quite a bit, and rely partly on assumptions about where oil actually might be, because it has been very expensive to actually look for it. A new technology promises to make finding oil a thousand times less expensive, using air flights and electromagnetic (EM) imaging. Stay tuned for new discoveries that greatly increase our estimated oil supply! Or not. The claim is made at this web site.

I used to know a chemical engineer who worked in plastics. He thought it was a sin to burn even one gallon of oil for fuel. But I must say that when you look at those dreadful tiny plastic toys that come from China and Hong Kong, you can feel there might be worse things to do with oil than burn it.

Backyard tomatoes harvested so far: Cherry, 102. Plum, 8. Big, 1. Delicious!

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