Sunday, December 10, 2006

I should KNOW not to rush:

When I'm in a hurry, if I rush -- and I inevitably rush -- I have either a large disaster or a small disaster. So I really ought to know better. I'm sure that in my youth, rushing paid off so handsomely that I got addicted to it. That was then, this is now, I've got to quit cold turkey. You probably want to hear a little detail, don't you?

This morning I barely had time to shower before getting my haircut, so I rushed. I poured just the right amount of shampoo onto the palm of my left hand. Now if I rubbed this hand on my head, I'd get all the shampoo in one place, and that's wrong. The right way is to spread the shampoo on both hands, then rub them all over my wet hair. So in my hurry, I rubbed my left palm on the back of my right hand. The BACK! I stood there stupidly looking at all this shampoo on the wrong side of my hand, but what was I to do? I rubbed the back of my right hand against my hair, a silly, inefficient process. Never again!

I've got it, here's my new slogan: Rushing was okay for the 20th century, but NOT the 21st!!

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