Saturday, February 02, 2008

That damn, blinking "12:00":

We still use our VCR. If you don't, then please allow me to remind you that most of the time, most VCRs blink "12:00" at you. The reason they blink is to remind you to set the time in the VCR. The main reason you don't is that you don't need to set the time unless you plan to setup a VCR "record in advance" command. Every time you unplug the VCR, it forgets the time anyway.
The other reason you let it blink (if you're like me), is that you know how Murphy's Law works: if you set the time on the VCR, you'll soon have a power outage -- yup -- and it will start to blink again.

The Blinking 12:00 on VCRs has been called one of the worst user interface blunders of all time.

But it's fixed now. I covered that 12:00 with black electrical tape. Let it blink, I'll never see it.

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