Monday, February 04, 2008

Too many choices:

I understand that I'm lucky: most health clubs do not provide towels for members. Near the showers, there's a set of four shelves, like a book case. Each shelf is heaped high with three piles of towels. They're all the same: white terrycloth. Now do you see where I'm going? When it's time to shower, I have to decide which of TWELVE piles to reach for, to grab a towel. The top piles are sometimes too high. The middle piles are sometimes squashed in under the next-higher shelf, making them hard to take. The bottom piles are too low, but if the other piles are depleted … the point is, I have twelve choices, so I have stop to think, when I'm already tired and exhilarated from whatever. This is unfair.

But now, it has gotten worse. Or maybe better, I'm not sure. These days, the towels are not all the same. The nap varies, from practically flat, to thick and efficient. That thick nap gets you dry a lot better and faster, and it just feels more luxurious.

So now I have to look at TWELVE piles to find the one that clearly has a thick-nap towel on top. Or near the top, if I can bear to increase my pool of choices to, forty-eight, say. This, also, is unfair.

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