Friday, March 14, 2008

Coffee Coffee Coffee:

I occasionally visit one customer site where, in midmorning, my work-host prepares a pot of coffee and offers me a cup. I know that this coffee is going to taste absolutely awful – even by your standards – but to be sociable, I take a cup, drink some of it, and when no one's looking, I pour the rest on the ground. (And yes, I feel guilty about the ground.)

Sso I was delighted to hear this exchange on Tekkdif, or Teknikal DiffiKulties, a podcast I enjoy for its strange humor, unpredictable skits, and wild word play:
“Miss Childress, is there any of that coffee left?”
“Ahhhhh ... no sir.”
“Well then. You can call off the Hazmat team.”

We know exactly what he's talking about, don't we?

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