Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A hallful of little pictures:

Okay, no more politics.
We recently stayed at a motel that is relatively classy for its type. The chain tends to get that extra star or half-star over its competitors, and its motels tend to be well-tended and friendly. Still, when you step out of your motel room, on whatever floor, and look down that narrow hall, you see a dreadful repetition of simple elements unrelieved by any interesting variation of anything. Unless you look closely. Every room has a plaque with its number on it, plus a lovely photograph, about 2” x 3” in size.

A clever photographer prepared these pictures. Most of them suggest that they have been cropped from a larger picture whose background you really want to see. And many of the subjects resonate with us oldsters: a 1950's car radio; a little boy playing in hay; an old soda bottle; a very analog alarm clock; and so on. I enjoyed the pictures so much, that after walking the entire hall, I went up to the next floor to see the pictures up there.

I cannot tell you how deflating it was to discover that each floor has the same sequence of pictures.

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