Friday, April 25, 2008

Expertise ...

I'm a fine shopping cart shover. I can read the ripples and rambles of the tarmac. I can judge whether there's a wind factor. And then I can give a great shove, and park my cart in a shopping cart bay that's forty feet away. And this is a sport, mind you, where you can never afford to miss. I would never, ever, want to hit a car.

Today as I put my groceries in the car, I heard a voice saying “I'll take that.” A supermarket employee was collecting carts, but he was thirty feet away. I considered walking my cart over to him, but that would be too easy. A mighty shove would make the cart go to him, but frankly, it would be insulting to force anyone to catch a highspeed cart. I studied the ground between us and gave just the right soft push. The cart ambled to him and he caught it, giving me a salute with his free hand.

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