Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rush, Rush, Rush!

I blogged before about my adventure in ordering business cards from Vista Print, a company that claims that everything they sell is free; and then they tempt you with options and add-ons. Someone at Vista Print has a wicked sense of humor. How else to explain that they have offered me 25% off my next order, even though that order will be FREE!

Of course, no order is free, you have to pay for shipping. I bought 25 magnets for my novel, Raven's Gift. And once again, I took the cheapest shipping option, “21 day shipping”, to keep my costs down. (The 21 day shipping price is very reasonable.) And yes, I called their buff again! It took them three days to process my order, and three more days to ship it. But here's the fun part: my “21 day shipment” package had two words printed on it that you just won't believe. Here's what they said: Time Sensitive.

1 comment:

jgfellow said...

They would have felt so embarrassed if it had arrived in, say, 24 days.