Friday, April 02, 2010

iPad, the Destroyer:

Daniel Eran Dilger has written a provocative column titled iPad, the Destroyer. In it, he argues that the iPad is going to kill off a remarkable collection of older technologies. I'd love to give you a sample list, but cherry-picking his list diminishes the depth of Dilger's overall vision. I personally am unlikely to buy an iPad (at least, not for several years), but I think that most of Dilger's predictions are correct.

If you doubt the ability of the iPad to affect the world, consider how fast web-site developers are scrambling to remove the use of Flash (unsupported by iPad) from their sites. And, as Dilger argues, the iPad could actually kill media DVDs. Here are two small, but convincing items from Dilger's article:
  1. The government, and many large companies, use special purpose tablet computers for inventory control, maintenance documentation, etc. The iPad is exactly the right shape and size to replace these much more expensive special computers.
  2. Small-format game machines like the PSP and DS. Great games for the iPad are much, much cheaper than DS and PSP games.

I strongly suggest you read about the big ticket items targeted in iPad, the Destroyer. You'll also get a good look at why and how Steve Jobs has been in the forefront of killing off older technologies.

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