Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New shapes and names for Pasta:

Let’s face it, pasta names are getting old, despite the recent “mini” variations. (Here’s a comprehensive list.)We need new names and shapes, and I’m here to help. Someone else will have to help me with the Italian, though. I have no idea how to use those great suffixetti:
Castorbeani – I don’t recommend these. They each contain a little poison.
Fluorescentetti – Mini-fluorescent pasta.
Florencetti – Dense pasta balls. They are gradually sinking into your sauce.
Fungozzi – Mushroom-shaped pasta.
Lamborghetti – Long, thin strands of race car pasta.
LEDetti – Pasta with tiny lights.
Mini Pene – Let’s not go there.
Mordoroni – Pasta shaped like sharp rocks and volcanoes.
Nipplatelli – Let’s not go there either.
Papparazzi – Little camera pastas.
Peanutelli – Don’t cook them. Just pack with them.
Pisateeny – Little leaning pasta pieces.
Porcupini – These are just for show. Don’t bite into them.
Terroristolini – It’s hard to say what these are; do they look like bombs?
Tortelluni – Moon-shaped tortellini, of course.
Vampirini e Zombini – You add a few of these to any existing pasta, and you have a brand new recipe.

I started this blog way back in June, 2003. I used to post six items per week, but in the last few years I have slowed down. One of my goals was to capture the faintly amusing stories that swam through my brain, surfacing briefly in conversation and then disappearing into the muck again. I seem to have largely accomplished that, although old memories still surprise me from time to time. According to Blogger, this is my 1,500th post. There’s still more I’d like to share with you, so let’s keep it going and see what happens.

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