Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Better air. Better air.

I recently remembered the first time I heard about someone complaining of bad air in a working environment. This can be a painful issue, since air quality in big buildings varies a lot, and usually only a few people are affected, so their complaints are not taken seriously.

A friend of mine remembered when he worked in mechanical drafting, sitting at a large table in a large room full of other drafting tables and other drafters. Just one guy complained that the air was bad. He complained a lot. his supervisor was on edge, and there was some question whether the complainer was really stable.
One day the complainer walked in after lunch looking happy for the first time in weeks. He was carrying a few bulky packages, and a soft sly smile played over his face. He unwrapped the packages, set everything up and voila! A caged canary twittered beside his desk. He was fired ten minutes later.

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