Friday, December 10, 2004

I might as well take up yoga...

I might as well take up yoga because, well, I'm already practicing a kind of yoga. My specialty involves standing on one leg, slowly lifting that leg behind me and rotating my body to the side, then rotating my upper body away from the lifted leg, stretching out my arm, bending my head, and then:
And then:
I'm in position to plug in a cable behind bunch of computers or - worse yet - to read a serial number. As an expert in this yogaic field, I can talk to the vendor on the phone while doing this, and often manage not to:
- knock over a coffee cup
- unplug other wires by mistake
- plug my wire into the wrong computer
- shred my shirt and pants on a sharp metal extrusion
- disconnect the phone by leaning down too far with my stomach.

After moving a few wires this way, I experience the equivalent of runner's high. Excuse me, I've got to rest a bit...

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