Saturday, February 04, 2006

My Superbowl Prediction (2006):

Anticipating this game, I fear that it's going to go a certain way, and that fear is my prediction: I think that one of these two teams will have a defense that overwhelms the other's offense. This imbalance will become clear early in the game, and the team with the overwhelming defense will win by at least nine points, while its own offense grinds out yardage and points. But I have no idea which defense will be so impressive.

Update: My prediction was wrong - and therefore it was a good game to watch - for an interesting reason. Ben Roethlisberger's passing was not nearly as good as his recent games, where he seemed to be deadly accurate. Nonetheless, the Steeler's defense kept them in the game despite Seattle having one good field position after another. I think that if B.R. had been deadly accurate from the start, the game would have gone as I predicted. But perhaps he was "tight", and we can certainly credit the Seattle defense with giving him hardly anyone to throw to.
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