Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Salvidore Dali, The Youngest Child Prodigy ever:

BoingBoing has a reference today to a video clip of Salvidor Dali on the old TV show, What's My Line. Dali was a great self-promoter, and he was wonderful to watch in those days. His rather primitive grasp of English hardly slowed him down. I saw an interview of him on TV (with Mike Douglas perhaps?) in which the interviewer noted that Dali was, like many great artists, a child prodigy. He mentioned the ages at which a few greats like Mozart had first showed their talent, and then asked Dali, “As a child prodigy, how old were you when you showed signs of greatness?” Dali's response was the most awesome example of “thinking outside the box” that I've ever heard. Here's what he said: “Before Born.”
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