Monday, July 07, 2008

Little Foibles:

It's amazing how distinctive, original and different people are. There are thousands of ways we each set ourselves apart from everyone else. When you see strangers who look alike and are had to tell apart, you cannot begin to guess how amazingly different they will seem, when you have better knowledge of them.

I mention this because of one of my original little foibles. It's more amusing than embarrassing, so I can tell you about it.

When I swim at the health club, I try to follow their request to use only two towels. One towel gets soaked underneath me in the steam room, leaving just one ordinary-size towel to dry me off. I want a towel with a thick nap, because a thin-napped towel will not absorb as much water. The towels are folded and stacked on shelves in many tall piles. I choose a towel that has a loose fold. A tightly folded towel is more likely to have a thin nap. The club has hundreds of towels. It stands to reason that some of them are older than the others. Those will be the worn-out towels with the thin nap, that I wish to avoid.

Now sensible as that all sounds, here are some facts: I have never actually observed a towel with a thin nap. And it's perfectly possible, when folding a towel, to fold it very flat or loose, regardless of its nap. So my care, in choosing a loose-fold towel, is utterly pointless. But just to be on the safe side ...


Martin Langeland said...

OTOH after a bath in a Japanese Ofuro, one is expected to dry with a towel not much bigger than an American hand towel -- maybe 12" X 20"? The principal used is similar to the hot air hand dryers in bathrooms: use the towel
to spread the wet until it can evaporate. Doesn't take nearly so long as you might expect if the normal humidity is rather less than that of a Peoria summer.
--ml said...

Sadly, the humidity here is high now, but that's pretty much what I do -- dry the wettest spots, and get to where I can expect the rest to evaporate.
- PB