Sunday, July 20, 2008

Raven's Gift:

I'm delighted to tell you that my first novel, Raven's Gift, is now appearing at Podiobooks. This is a fantasy novel, and it's a series of author-read audiocasts. The first five chapters are out now, and all twenty-nine (approximately) will appear, I sincerely hope, in 2008. If you think the book might interest you, please read the description at Podiobooks. And you can check for other news about the book at

Podiobooks is a pretty nifty website. Their books are free, although they ask for donations. And they have a good audience. In the first 45 hours, there have been almost 300 downloads of my chapters.

UPDATE #2:I published (and have removed) an incorrect rss feed. Please use this RSS feed.


Evo Terra said...

That's not a permanent RSS feed. Also, it's not going to allow people to get a custom RSS feed. When you subscribe to your own book, you'll find ways of spreading the word that won't at some point break. This isn't one.


Evo Terra said...

Oh, and it's also giving out your user name inside of the feed, making it one step easier for people to hack into your account. You probably don't want them doing that, either.