Friday, October 03, 2008

Shopping While Jersey:

Dear New York Mayor What'sYourName: I know that this is a difficult time for New York City. You can no longer count on a great flow of dollars from your Wall Street minions. You must want us New Jerseyans to come into New York and spend whatever we can. I specifically remember mayor Giuliani asking us to help out after 9/11.

But I'm also staring, in infinite sadness, at the “no standing” ticket for $105 dollars that was just mailed to me, for picking up my wife next to one of your fine stores. Your zealousness in enforcing parking regulations for brief stops is most shortsighted. My wife and I have lost almost all interest in shopping New York. We will spend our money in New Jersey, where most stores have places to park. Too bad for you! We are disgusted.


sony said...
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sony said...

Hello D Robin, i have commented on your blog in many posts. Because to increase my page Rank only. I don't wants your traffic at all. I agree that it is not a good thing. So i am SORRY. Don't mind it. I will not repeat it again.


Please Accept my apology.

Thank You.