Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Should I join GRUG? Or how about a RUG?

Noblestar has just invited me to join GRUG. Or, they suggest, I might even want to join a local RUG. I think these acronyms are right up there on the embarassment scale, so I hasten to share them with you. I guess they are memorable, anyway. "GRUG" is the Global Rational User Group, and the acronym makes sense when you consider that 'Rational' is a valuable tool for developing complex software. In this case, I plan to remain one of the Global Rational User Non-Group Egalitarians. Just see if I don't.


Martin Langeland said...

Dan Ariely at Predictably Irrational just quoted: “In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is a great deal of difference.”
Seems that, too often, one may substitute "rational" and "rationalization" in the quote and apply it to some programs. The interface between the human and the on/off binary pulse is too rough.

tobyr21@gmail.com said...

I should have explained. We are not talking about "rational" software design. We're talking about using a program called "Rational" to design software. Unless I'm much mistaken.
- PB

Carson Holmes said...

No you are correct. We are talking about Rational and Telelogic tools. Sorry you don't like the UG style acronyms they are quite common. I love the java user groups, JUGs.

Really, really, RUGs are not a bad thing. Just a place for people to share war stories and connect with fellow techie peers.

tobyr21@gmail.com said...

Of course RUGs and GRUG are good things! In fact, they deserve better acronyms.