Thursday, January 29, 2009

Follow that PDA!

While on vacation, we dined at a restaurant that is in the Shamash restaurant data base. While we enjoyed our meal, I took out my N800 Nokia PDA and camped onto a nearby wireless network. I connected to the Shamash data base and brought up the one review of this restaurant, which was very positive.

When the owner came to our table, I showed him the review. He got quite excited and asked if he could show his wife (the cook). She was sitting just a few tables away at that moment, so I said “sure.” He took my PDA to her, and then took it to yet another table to show some regular patrons. It was kind of sweet, watching my PDA parade around the room, bringing so much pleasure with it. I kept an eye on my PDA, wondering if it was going to stay in sight (it did). Eventually, I even got it back.

The restaurant, which is a lot of fun and has good food, is: Sabra, in Tucson, Az.

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