Sunday, February 07, 2010

All Superbowl, All Day:

You may have noticed that TV coverage of the Super Bowl, especially the pre-coverage, is approaching an extreme. Well, it's going to get worse. I'm sworn to silence about which network is involved, but I can tell you the gruesome details about what's planned for next year.

It will start next November, when the network invites football fans to vote online for the ten best superbowls ever. Now I know many of them were absolute turkeys, but there will plenty of controversy about this, and lots of excitement over the voting, which will remain secret.

Saturday noon before the Superbowl, the countdown will begin, with each of the chosen games replayed in its entirety. There will be new commentary replacing some of the original announcing, and of course, new ads. But by eliminating the half-time and the hoopla, each game will be kept within a three-hour time slot. And then, as the very best previous superbowl comes to its end, next year's real Superbowl will start.

Fans who can skip a night of sleep will get about 35 consecutive hours of Superbowl Football. For the rest of us ... well, this is one network we'll just have to do without for a while. I think this is an awful idea. If you agree with me, please complain to your Network Presidents.
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