Friday, February 26, 2010

Garden Hoe!

At my age, I’m not allowed to shovel snow. I cheat just a little, and I avoid any heavy lifting. I have a fine bunch of tools for my petty battles with snow. First, a snow shovel with an unusual shape that balances the weight of the snow beautifully. Second a snow-chopper. Shovels are terrible for breaking up ice and icy snow. Third, a broom, which pushes light snow and slush away, effortlessly.

Today, with nothing else at hand, I tackled a thin layer of icy snow with a garden hoe. You know, that last bit of snow that won’t let go of the ground or the cement walk, that’s trying to morph into dangerous ice. My garden hoe is a five foot wood handle attached at right angles to a thin metal blade. It’s made to scrape weeds, and it’s wondrous at scraping snow! If you have a hoe, try it.

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