Sunday, January 09, 2011

CES, Breaking News:

"CES" is the yearly Computer Electronics Show. These days, it's the place where most non-Apple breakthroughs are announced, and it's the place to be (I've never been there) to see what new directions the personal electronics industries are taking. Of course the show is ridiculously large. If you want to see even half the booths, you've got to train your body for the challenge.

This year, I'm getting LIVE reports on CES, courtesy of Leo LaPorte's streaming TWIT 'radio' station. He, and some of his key people, are reporting onsite. I'm excited to get breaking news before it even gets to Yahoo and Google, let alone the newspapers and magazines.

Dick DeBartolo, the GizWiz himself, has been to most of the CES shows. He said that at one booth, he expressed doubt that he would like one gadget they were displaying.
"Don't worry," the demonstrator said. "We'll never sell it."
Dick gave the demonstrator a puzzled look, and the guy explained. "We've been showing his gadget for three days, and nobody's interested."
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