Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Ring...

For about thirty years, I have been unable to remove my wedding ring. (I weighed less when I got married.) The ring was never a problem, more of a constant companion. Until recently, when the skin beneath it got quite irritated. I decided that I had to take my ring-finger problem to a dermatologist or a jeweler; I wasn't sure which.

Now my dermatologist's office is in the same building as my physical therapist. So after therapy today, I went up one floor to consult the dermatologist's receptionist.

"I'll tell you what they told me to do when I was pregnant," she said. "Spray Windex all over your finger and it'll come off."

I did, and it did. I was quite amazed, especially since the knuckle joint seemed so large; but you never know.

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