Monday, April 23, 2012

A “Grabber” for Mail:

A “Grabber” is a tool that extends your reach to pick up things. Old-fashioned grocery (and other) stores had stock shelves far above eye-level, and we used Grabbers to pull items off those high shelves. Today, Grabbers are mostly for the disabled, and for people who cannot bend down to pick things off the floor. There are several types of Grabbers. They use stickum, magnets, wide-spaced pincers or tight pincers. None of them, in my opinion, is suitable for picking up mail.

Not only that, it's hard to try to search the web for a grabber that might be suitable for mail. Try it and you'll see.

At the moment my back is recovering from an incident that has left me rather stiff. Struggling with my Grabbers to get the mail off the ground is doubly frustrating because I am sure I know what a genuine Mail Grabber would look like. It would have a slender flat hand with a small depression in it, to slip under the mail. Its other side would press a blunt point into that depression, holding envelopes in place without dropping or piercing them. Inventors, please take note!

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