Sunday, April 15, 2012

The New “Photogenic”

You may not have thought about the issue I'm about to raise. Possibly no one has. I've worked a lot with Video. I've been mulling the issue about in my subconscious for twenty-five years and I know I'm right, so please pay attention.

The question is, whar sort of person do you want, to represent your company in ads, or to be a new anchor on TV, or any sort of movie or TV star? You want them to look good, appealing, attractive, intelligent. In fact, every time someone pauses the video and looks at a stop-frame, you want your star to look good THEN.

And there's a problem there. When you watch people in a video or on TV, you see their expressions. But you do not see the micro-expressions between their expressions, the moves their faces make to get from one look to the next, unless you pause the video at an inopportune moment.

Some people look truly ridiculous in those in-between stop-frames. Dumb. Goofy. Confused. Even: Guilty. Try a few stop-frames on your favorite TV and movie people, and see what you get.
Chances are you've been seeing these revealing stop-frames and you never stopped to think about them; but your brain did. And you've judged those people for their stop-frame looks.

I want my TV star or ad representative to look smart or attractive at every stop-frame. And now that I've mentioned it, so will you.

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