Thursday, May 24, 2012

*Uck Zuck* :

Do you trust Facebook? Do you expect this humungous webworld to play straight with you, and with our data? Well, let’s look at Exhibit Number One. According to news reports, it appears that shortly before FB went public, Facebook learned they had a problem that might be material and signifigant to the price of the offering. Information about that problem was shared with some of the banks’ biggest customers, but not with the rest of us who may have wished to take a flyer on some FB stock. If some of those bankers acted illegally, or even immorally, I hope they get what they deserve. But please remember: FB is nearly a one-person company, because an awful lot of it is owned by one person: Zuck. If anyone was in a position to make sure that we, the public, were properly informed about the prospects of FB, it was Zuck. If anyone was in a position to instruct the bankers to handle this late-breaking problem in the most honest way, it was Zuck. If anyone is ever going to keep FB honest about how the company treats you, me, and our data, it is Zuck.  Well, when FB went public, in my opinion, he blew it. I’m through trusting him for anything. Here’s what I just can't help thinking: *Uck Zuck*.
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