Thursday, February 28, 2013

Where should I put the keys?

This morning I weighed 215.8 pounds.

While on vacation, we rented a Ford Taurus with Ford Sync. (I enjoyed giving the car voice commands: "Climate: 68 degrees.") The car used those Smart Keys that don’t even have to be inserted into an ignition. The car will start as long as the keys appear to be inside.

For days I had the same problem. I would use the keys to unlock the door (which turned out to be unnecessary), sit down, start the car, and then look at the keys in my hand. Where should I put them? At my weight, in a seat belt, it’s not that easy to reach into a pocket. I wished there was a hole I could shove the keys into.

I solved the problem by hooking the car keys securely to my belt. I only needed to grasp the keys to lock the car (I bet that was unnecessary also), and to unlock the trunk.

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