Thursday, April 18, 2013

Browsers need to apply more Induction:

Here’s a feature that Safari – and perhaps most browsers – don’t perform. It would make a great addition to any browser.

I use Safari to watch the Twit Network "iPad Today" netcasts. Recently I finished show 143, and I wanted to select the next show, 144. Clicking “Done” for 143 brought me back to the address bar, where I prepared to manually edit ../143 to ../144. When I touched the bar, Safari gave me a list of tappable suggestions. Did I want to watch show 143 again, or perhaps 142?

Here’s where some induction would be useful. The browser should note that it is suggesting I watch one of a sequence of shows. (The same can happen when we are viewing a sequence of pages.) It should of course offer the NEXT term in the sequence, in addition to the shows I have recently seen.

This morning my weight bounced back up over 219. I thought I was poised to go down into the depths of 217, but I’ll have to wait. At least, I am keeping off the first six pounds that I lost on this diet.

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